Karima Askour

Chief Executive Officer

Karima is a mother and MBA holder in Hospitality Management. Her journey, deeply personal and inspired by her autistic daughter Amal, led her to co-found EZducate with two dedicated partners, blending compassion with innovation.

Her academic background in hospitality management, coupled with her experience as an IT manager, has been pivotal in shaping EZducate’s product development. Karima’s unique blend of skills enables her to understand and address the complex needs of children with autism, tailoring solutions that are both effective and empathetic.

Dedicated to continuous learning, Karima actively engages in education-focused webinars and consultations with educators and parents. These interactions enrich her understanding of the educational landscape, guiding EZducate in offering tailored, impactful support. Her leadership not only drives the platform’s growth but also embodies its mission to empower and transform the educational experiences of autistic children and their support networks.

Contact Info

Phone :+1 (813)-484-3410

Email : karima.askour@ezducate.ai