Meriyem Kaf

Chief Operations Officer

Meriyem, an MBA graduate from Paris with a BBA from Montreal, is a standout in marketing and advertising, further enriched by an AI certification from MIT. She led the groundbreaking implementation of Canada’s first virtual twin store, demonstrating her prowess in AI and retail innovation.

In her role as a strategic board member, Meriyem provides invaluable insights in product launches and sales, guiding organizational success with visionary leadership. She also leads the commercialization of our AI-powered special education platform, blending her professional skills with personal insights as a mother of two. This dual approach ensures the platform’s effectiveness, user-centricity, and responsiveness to diverse needs.

Active in industry conferences, Meriyem shares her expertise on AI integration in marketing, contributing significantly to the digital business landscape. Her unique perspective and comprehensive understanding of market trends make her an invaluable asset, driving our platform to the forefront of its field.

Contact Info

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